EdTech Hub

We are a global research partnership. Our goal is to empower people by giving them the evidence they need to make decisions about technology in education.

What we do...

We work directly with governments and partners in six countries (Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, Pakistan, Sierra Leone and Tanzania)  and we are uniquely positioned to deliver evidence around these key areas of impact in EdTech:

  • Data for Decisions
  • Participation & Messaging
  • Digital Personalised Learning (DPL)
  • Teacher Continuous Professional Development (TCPD)
  • Girls’ Education & Technology

Why we are supporting the Teacher Tech Summit...

“Digitalization in education, and the creation of spaces and opportunities for teachers and school communities to share, learn and integrate their experiences and technology into the school system has never been more important.”

Verna Lalbeharie 

Executive Director

EdTech Hub

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At EdTech Hub, we do rigorous academic research and give evidence-based advice about how to use technology in education.

This means that with our help, decision makers inside and outside the government can make clear, evidence-based policy decisions to achieve maximum impact.

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