Orbit Services

Accelerating ingenuity and change in education

Orbit is our prizes and challenges platform, which embraces the ingenuity of learners, educators, and their communities in finding solutions to the most pressing questions of our age. 

We collaborate with organisations interested in supporting and involving schools to tackle today's most significant social, economic, and environmental challenges. The programmes align with the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals, delivering impactful outcomes for all stakeholders.

Our digital media platform and global community of over 200,000 teachers across 15,000+ schools – reaching 4.6 million students – provide an engine for organisations to run prizes and challenges that make a real difference.

The programmes

The publicity of a prize, the bonds formed between participants, and the development of robust standards of excellence can turn goals into reality. Our two programmes are:

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We help organisations drive lasting change through the power of celebration. We work with them to develop and promote prizes that uncover innovative education practices, surface expertise, and inspire transformation.


We design challenges for organisations to enhance their CSR impacts and support the SDGs. These challenges galvanise school-based teams to develop innovative solutions to specific social and environmental problems.

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Leveraging Orbit

Let us help you drive impact with your prize or challenge. We'll work with you to design it, open it up to our global community of schools, and promote it through our award-winning digital media platform that has created the world’s most widely-covered education prizes.


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