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“I certainly resonate with T4's vision from classroom to career by equipping students with digital, emotional, collaborative and cognitive skills needed to be future-ready. By enhancing educators’ lessons with technology, all while equipping them with the skills needed for the 21st century, T4 gives me an opportunity to be a part of the Master Cadre of Expert Educators around the Globe.”

Rahul Bhujbal 
Founder YBC Classes & Physics Lecturer, India 

“I’m ecstatic to be supporting the World’s Best Schools Prizes and to help showcase and celebrate the incredible work our schools are doing across the world.”

Andria Zafirakou
Award-Winning Teacher, UK

“It’s time to celebrate schools and the crucial role they play in shaping our shared futures. Celebrating schools validates the visions and efforts of school teams that are true change-makers. These Prizes will allow us to learn from the best while also inspiring us to be our best.”

Maggie MacDonnell
Award-Winning Teacher, Canada

“We have to promote the positive things that are happening in education so we can learn what’s working in schools all around the world, which is why the World’s Best School Prizes are a really good idea.”

H.E. Maia Sandu
President of Moldova

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