Basuti Bolo

Endowed Chair Educational Technologies, Africa University and Founder/CEO, GoToSpace


BASUTI  BOLO_5 - Basuti BoloBasuti Bolo serves as Endowed Chair of Educational Technologies at Africa University and is the Founder and CEO of GoToSpace, whose ambitions to empower women and girls reach far beyond Africa and to the stars themselves. Her initiative educates and mentors 10,000 girls a year on space and STEM at the national and international levels, helping harness space science in the pursuit of sustainable development.

GoToSpace educates communities on space science technologies and their applications, particularly their Earthly uses when it comes to the management of resources. It plays a big role in promoting gender equality and closing the gender gap in STEM. It works with the government and communities to develop strategies that can be used to drive the UN Sustainable Development Goals by sharing space knowledge for management, education, research, and innovation.

Bolo’s dream is to change Africa by driving its vision to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. She recognises that quality education is the key and that girls must not be left behind. Africa’s population has more females than males, therefore it is vital that they are empowered to act on sustainability through STEM education.

Bolo's initiative awards prizes for girls in mathematics and science to motivate them to excel in a world that has traditionally been dominated by males.

BASUTI  BOLO_1 - Basuti BoloHer work has been recognised by the UN and she has won numerous awards including the Global Women for Good Ambassador Award 2022 and the Global Women in Leadership Award 2022 by the Global Council for the Promotion of International Trade for outstanding achievements and exemplary services towards people, society, and nation building. Other accolades include: Globant Awards Women that Build Digital Leader Finalist Award 2021; WomenTech Network Community Final Award 2022; Top 35 most influential women in technology in Africa 2021 by CIO Africa; Top 100 professional women in Aerospace and Aviation to follow in LinkedIn 2022; Top 100 of the Women of World in Leadership to watch in 2022.

Bolo serves as Endowed Chair Educational Technologies, advisory board member of online learning at Africa University and she is an Africa 50 Innovation Challenge Expert for Women, United Nation Office for Outer Space Affairs Network mentor of the African Region. Global Women in Technology and Global Women for Good ambassador. She was also invited to motivate women at the Islamic World Scientific and Cultural Organisation Women ICONs launch: An Inspiration for the Future, in Morocco. She was also a speaker at the Digital learning Africa Summit.