Felix Malombe

Executive Director and Lead Trainer, STEAMLabs Africa


FelixMalombe_1 - Felix MalombeFelix Malombe is Executive Director of STEAMLabs Africa, which trains students and educators on STEM education, the Sustainable Development Goals, environmental sustainability, and ICT integration in education. He is a teacher at Crawford International School who has led his school to win an award for the Best STEM School in Kenya and become a Microsoft Showcase school in Africa. Malombe is a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Trainer and Fellow who has trained over 4,000 teachers since 2018. He is a founding member of the Google Educator Group (GEG) - Kenya.

As part of his work at STEAMLabs Africa, Malombe is a Microsoft Global Training Partner. He has been training Kenyan educators since the first days of the Covid-19 pandemic. In the first sessions in May 2020, Felix carried out seven weekly webinars dubbed Remote Learning Methodologies (RLM) to train over 500 teachers in Kenya on effective pedagogical practices using Microsoft Teams.

STEAMLabs Africa is part of the 44 international organisations in the Scratch Education Collaborative and has trained over 2,000 educators, empowering them to develop skills in equitable coding with scratch and digital citizenship. He facilitates digital citizenship sessions for learners, educators and parents. He is a frequent commentator in the media.

FelixMalombe_2 - Felix MalombeMalombe is passionate about closing gender gaps and as part of Africa Code Week, his organisation trained 1,000 teachers to code, half of them women. This impacted around 31,000 learners – 60% of whom are girls, helping to bridge the gender divide in coding. STEAMLabs has also trained around 600 teachers on how to work with Micro: bit to develop digital skills for students and educators in Kenya as part of a programme targeting underprivileged students and girls.

For World Largest Generation Earthshot, STEAMLabs trained educators and learners on environmental sustainability using design thinking to ensure that students develop the concept of problem solving and 21st century skills.

Malombe has established 30 STEAM Clubs in Kenya through STEAMLabs Africa and runs three bootcamps every year.

As a teacher, Malombe leads on digital transformation at Crawford International school. He is a highly respected voice in his community and consults on various education topics such as digital citizenship, STEM education, education and equity, and competency-based curriculums through conferences and live television discussions. He was a keynote speaker during the Scratch Africa Conference in Nairobi in 2019 on mainstreaming STEM education in Kenya. FelixMalombe_5 - Felix Malombe

He believes that a person’s life story can change markedly at what he calls the 4-14 window and believes that students should be taught computer science from kindergarten in Kenya and beyond. He has developed a fit for purpose Computer Science curriculum to meet today’s educational and career needs. Through the STEAMLabs website, and his social media, he advocates for early engagement of learners on problem solving and use of ICT in teaching, learning and assessment to prepare learners for 21st century workforce and lifelong learning.

As a STEM Educator, he speaks and teaches on the importance of hands-on, minds-on and hearts-on learning, where the UN’s SDGs are used as a guide to identify problems, design thinking is used as an approach to problem solving, and technology becomes the means to solutions development.