Folawe Omikunle

Chief Executive Officer, Teach For Nigeria


Folawe Omikunle_3Folawe Omikunle who currently serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Teach For Nigeria is one of the most prominent and influential educators in Nigeria and across Africa.  Teach for Nigeria is a non-profit organization that recruits university graduates and working professionals from diverse backgrounds, to serve as full-time teacher leaders in Nigeria’s most under-served schools. 

As CEO of Teach For Nigeria, Folawe has led the movement from its inception to a place where they have now impacted over 300,000 students and just under 1,000 young leaders across Lagos, Ogun and Kaduna states of Nigeria. Under her leadership, 249 alumni of Teach For Nigeria have undertaken various initiatives to impact the system including founding social enterprises such as a Child Support Initiative, which looks to promote menstrual hygiene, and Mentor an Africa Child Initiative which looks at expanding and providing digital access opportunities to kids in low-income contexts. She has further mobilized over $8 million in multi-year funding from international donors and the public and private sectors. During the pandemic, she launched and successfully led the design and development of a remote learning programme that engaged parents, teachers, and government officials. This programme supported learning among children in underserved communities, an initiative which led to the launch of the Teach For Nigeria Radio School.  This effectively assisted in bridging the educational gap for children with limited access to technology and impacted millions of kids across Nigeria.  This initiative went on further to become something that was replicated by other countries in africa and beyond. 

Folawe has played an instrumental role in helping to influence the education agenda in Lagos and Ogun state, as she has worked with government institutions and other education development partners.  Through her organisation and in partnership with Profuturo, Folawe led some work that built the leadeship capacity of over 18,000 existing teachers across 29 states in Nigeria.

Folawe Omikunle_4In advocating for change, Folawe has been invited to speak on various platforms including the 2021 Teachers Registration Council of Nigeria Annual Conference, the 2020 Businessday Digital Dialogue on Rethinking Education in Nigeria, The way forward post COVID-19, the 2019 Edu-Aid’s Lagos Teachers’ Conference, the 9th Annual African Development Conference at Harvard University and the Rockefeller Foundation’s annual 17 Rooms event during UNGA week held in New York in 2019. She has also been recognized among the 100 most influential young Nigerians.

Folawe Omikunle firmly believes that the only way Nigeria and the rest of Africa will reach their greatest potential is by educating and investing in their human capital.  This has been at the core of how she operates as an individual as well as how she operates collectively with others.  

Folawe sits on a number of boards that include, The Nigerian Breweries – Felix Ohiwerei Education Trust Fund, Nigerian Economic Summit Group, Nigerian Vocational Training Center for the Blind and Teach for All Africa Regional Advisory Council.