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T4 Insights Panel

The T4 Insights Panel

In order to provide a consistent, detailed and nationally representative ‘window into the classroom’ T4 is developing its own teacher/educator panels, starting in 8 countries, with plans to expand over time.  By owning its own research panel, T4 is able to develop a regular program of research with teachers, segmented by key demographic criteria to allow for a deeper analysis of trends as well as cross country analysis.

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T4 Insight Service Offering

We can undertake both quantitative and qualitative studies with our community and insights panels. Our detailed panel segmentation means we can identify specific school types for more specific bespoke projects.

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Our Syndicated Services

We have 4 syndicated services, depending on your needs.



Fast turnaround, short polls of our Insights Panel.



Annual tracking surveys that measure trends over time.



Deep dive reports into specific issues and topics.



Sector-specific reports, benchmarking providers based user feedback.

Bespoke Research

Partner with us to undertake bespoke research projects.


Use our multicountry research panel, or wider community  and vast experience in education research to support your project.  

Typical projects we undertake include:

  • Understanding teacher/school leader opinions, wants and needs
  • Understanding teacher/school leader use cases & behaviour 
  • Testing your product and understanding which features resonate with different users  
  • Understanding how your product stacks up against others 
  • Understanding customer loyalty and the key factors impacting it
  • Supporting thought leadership/brand awareness activities by integrating research findings into a white paper

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