T4 Social Impact Alliance

Introducing the T4 Social Impact Alliance

You are a registered education NGO, nonprofit or social impact project interested in teachers and schools. We are a global organisation with ambitious plans to improve the quality of education for children everywhere.

Together we can do and achieve more. And that's why we have launched the T4 Social Impact Alliance, an exciting initiative to connect like-minded partners.

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What does membership involve?

Our Social Impact Alliance partners support us by promoting our events and other activities. We do not charge a membership fee. Instead, we believe in creating mutually beneficial opportunities.

Benefits of joining the T4 Social Impact Alliance

By joining our Social Impact Alliance, you and your colleagues will benefit in a tangible and meaningful way by participating in the following:

Our Impact Seminar Programme

Three senior executives from your organisation will be invited to participate in seminars held three times a year on a subject that strengthens your organisation’s capacity, for example, advocacy, evaluation strategies, technology use, etc.

Dedicated private messaging group

Private groups for two members of each organisation, enabling on-going opportunities for discussion, networking and collaborations.

Our CEO Circle

Provides an opportunity for your organisation’s head to meet twice a year with peers from other organisation members to network, learn, and provide input into various sectoral issues.

Collaboration and funding opportunities

By coming together, you will, from our experience, find avenues of collaboration with organisations from around the world. We also hope to explore the possibility of providing funding opportunities for Social Impact Alliance members.

Find out more

If you are interested to learn more about joining the T4 Social Impact Alliance, please complete this expression of interest form. Providing your organisation meets our membership criteria, we will invite you to apply.

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What our community says

"Paper Boat is delighted to be part of the T4 Social Impact Alliance. It is hugely valuable to belong to a passionate group of educators, schools and organisations that are driven by a profound belief in the value and impact of education, who are willing to share and learn for mutual benefit."

Deborah Wetherall
Paper Boat Trustee

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