World Education Medals

Celebrating leaders sparking change

The World Education Medals, founded by T4 Education and HP, recognise the tireless work of those helping to build a world in which every child receives a good education. 

They celebrate the stories of leaders who have lit the spark of change so others will be inspired to take up the torch.

These prestigious awards are given to outstanding individuals who have demonstrated impact, leadership, and advocacy in the field of education.

Amplify your impact. Expand your network. Inspire others with your leadership.

Join a global community of leaders sparking change in education.

Three medals as one

We identify changemakers in those regions where learning gaps remain greatest and bring them together to share their perspectives and solutions. Through these awards, we are building a community of leaders who are shaping the future of education. We strive to ignite a collective force that is far more than a sum of its parts.

Select your Medal and elevate your leadership journey.

Leveraging impactful leadership in education

All three World Education Medals assess individuals against three global criteria that we believe are fundamental qualities in all leaders in education, wherever they may be.

Founding partners

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