Asia Education Medal

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The Asia Education Medal is one of the three World Education Medals founded by T4 Education and HP. It celebrates leaders from all parts of the continent who are working every day to give the next generation the opportunities they deserve through the best education possible.

Asia is a continent as diverse as it is large and its education landscape is no different. From some of the highest rates of learning poverty in the world to the highest-performing education systems in the world, Asia shows the tremendous challenges to be overcome, but is also a shining example of what can be achieved when we get it right.

The Asia Education Medal recognises those who are the change they want to see in the world so that others will be inspired to follow where they have led.

We are providing a platform for, and creating a network of, leaders who are committed to making a difference in Asia.

We’re celebrating leaders sparking change.

Are you the next changemaker?

Learn more about our eligibility criteria and how to submit a nomination.

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