We believe every child, everywhere, deserves a good education. We are building the world’s largest community of teachers and schools to transform education together. T4 Education empowers teachers and school leaders globally. Our mission is to champion change and innovation, fostering a diverse and collaborative community dedicated to improving school culture.

Our digital platform amplifies teachers' voices globally. Connect, share, learn from peers, access insightful research and professional development, and gain recognition through our prestigious prizes.

We're not just a community, we're a movement for change.

Best School to Work

Developed in collaboration with our global community of over 200,000 teachers and school leaders, Best School to Work is an independent, evidence-based mechanism to certify schools for their culture and working environment.


We believe that celebration accelerates change. That’s why we have established the World’s Best School Prizes, to honour impactful schools, and the World Education Medals, to celebrate leaders sparking change.


Our Insights services give teachers, everywhere, a voice, allowing them to take part in polls and research so policymakers and tech companies can learn what works in the classroom from those at the coalface.

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