Latin America Education Medal

Nominations for the Latin America Education Medal 2024 are now closed. Join our T4 community and be the first to know who the winner is!

The Latin America Education Medal is one of the three World Education Medals founded by T4 Education and HP. It gives a vital platform to changemakers from all over the region.

Latin America is a continent of tremendous opportunities, but also deep challenges with some of the world’s highest levels of inequality. Education can empower citizens across the region to fulfil their full potential. However, after some of the world's longest school closures, it will take leaders from across society who recognise its importance to work together and light the path to a better future.

The Latin America Education Medal is awarded to an inspirational individual that is making a difference in education, and whose example will inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

We are providing a platform for, and creating a network of, leaders who are committed to making a difference in Latin America.

We’re celebrating leaders sparking change.

Are you the next changemaker?

Learn more about our eligibility criteria and how to submit a nomination.

Expert Jury

The Latin America Education Medal is judged by a local Expert Jury, whose votes complement the Global Jury's. Learn who they are.

Minister of Education, Buenos Aires City Government, Argentina

Founder & CEO of Talisis, Mexico

Executive Director of Telefonica Vivo Foundation Brazil

Mercedes Miguel

Minister of Education, Buenos Aires City Government, Argentina

Mercedes Miguel is the Minister of Education of Buenos Aires City Government in Argentina. She also served as Undersecretary for Innovation and Education Quality at the National Ministry of Education of Argentina (2015-2019). Currently, she also serves on Nord Anglia Education's Advisory Board and has been also working at Argentina's River Plate Football Club's school, where she has led the design of a new educational model targeted at the club’s high-performance athletes (River DAR).

She studied Journalism in the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina and took education courses in Harvard University, Singularity University, Schumacher College and recently at Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design. She also studied Education Information at the National University of Lanús in Argentina, and received a scholarship for New Technologies and Learning in Chile, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.

Before taking on her role as Secretary, she was a teacher and since 2010 served in public administration as General Director of Education Planning and Innovation in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. In this position, she led the Teachers’ School creating a new vision based on innovative practices. Furthermore, she led the creation of the first Curriculum for Secondary Level School; she also oversaw the City’s Teacher Training School, introducing innovation in teaching practices, and policies focused on the student learning outcomes.

At the Secretariat of Innovation, she created the National School of Government for Education Policies to leave human capacity at provincial level, led the transformation of digital education, teacher training, the implementation of new framework for Secondary level schools, and the National Plan ‘Learning Mathematics’, towards improving Maths at National level.

She represented Argentina at the OECD Education Committee and was also a member of the Steering Committee at UNESCO 2030 for two periods. Furthermore, she was designated Chair of the Education Working Group during the Argentine Presidency for the G20 during 2018 leading both national and international agendas.

Dionisio Garza-Sada

Founder & CEO of Talisis, Mexico

Dionisio is the Founder & CEO of Talisis, a tech enabled learning services platform primarily focusing on professional degrees and talent development programs. Talisis operates mainly in Mexico and offers onsite, online, and hybrid courses and degree programs through its +160 learning centers in Mexico. Talisis offers an online platform with +20k courses that can generate a personalized curriculum for each individual learner.

Dionisio also serves as chair of Grupo Topaz, a fund with investments in education, finance, technology, energy, and real estate. He has an Undergraduate Degree in Management Science Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard. He serves on the board of several NGO and public and private companies.

Lia Glaz

Executive Director of Telefonica Vivo Foundation Brazil

She graduated in Public Administration from FGV-EAESP and a master's degree in Economic and Political Development from SIPA-Columbia University. At Fundação Telefônica Vivo, Lia has led the Education area, promoting innovative initiatives and the use of technology to support the development of children and teenagers in the context of the 21st century, including programs offered by the Foundation, research development and public policy strengthening processes. Before that, she worked for 15 years in social and multinational organizations in the areas of education, sports and healthy eating in Brazil, Canadá and Switzerland.

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