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Applying for the World's Best School Prizes provides an opportunity for schools to self-reflect and celebrate their achievements and innovations. While the money can help winners expand their vital initiatives, all schools, by just applying, will undertake a self-assessment process to leverage their work as well as improve upon them by benchmarking against our criteria. Additionally, they will gain a global platform and join a worldwide community, inspiring others and enhancing their own school culture.

Applications for the World’s Best School Prizes 2024 are now closed. If you’d like to keep yourself updated about the opening of the next cycle of applications, Prize initiatives and other ongoing activities at T4 Education, please register below.


To be eligible to apply for the World's Best School Prizes, your school or learning centre must be legally registered with its respective Ministry of Education or government regulatory authority and not be prohibited from participating under the applicable law of your country.

General requirements

Applications can only be submitted by teachers and principals currently working at the school they are entering into the Prizes. Applicants must be aged 18 or over and have the authorisation and permission of the school’s authorities and/or governing body to enter the contest.

Applications can be submitted in any language and are free of charge.

Timeline - Annual cycle

Here's a timeline of the process of the World's Best School Prizes:


World’s Best School Prizes applications open


Applications close


Interviews and shortlisting


Public announcement of Top 10 shortlists for each Prize and Public Vote


Public announcement of Top 3 finalists for each Prize


Winning Ceremony


Read the Terms and Conditions of the World's Best School Prizes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about the application process, eligibility, and more.

Entry to the contest is currently closed since the deadline to apply for the World's Best School Prizes 2024 has passed.

As the deadline to apply for the World's Best School Prizes 2024 has passed, application submission is currently closed.

Kindergarten, primary, secondary schools, and online schools – all schools that teach students in compulsory schooling and are legally registered with their respective Ministry of Education or government regulatory authority are eligible to apply.

Only teachers, school principals, or other members of the applicant school’s leadership team or of its governing body can complete the application form. We will not consider applications submitted by any figure other than the ones described above.

Yes, we accept applications written in your native language. However, you need to know that all our communications with contestants will be in English. If you don’t speak English, we recommend you involve an English speaker to support you through the process, particularly if your school gets shortlisted.

Yes, a school can apply for more than one Prize category, but please note that you will need to apply for each Prize separately. Please do not submit more than one form for the same category.

No, we use the same form for all five categories. All you need to do is select the Prize category you are applying for when you start completing the form.

No, you will need to apply as an individual school.

Yes, you need permission from your school authorities to apply for the Prizes. By applying to the World’s Best School Prizes, you take full legal responsibility for ensuring the necessary permissions have been sought and granted in advance.

No, there are no costs to apply to enter the contest.

Unfortunately not. We will publicly announce the schools that are on the shortlists.

The Prizes are funded by sponsorship and grant funding from organisations in the private and philanthropic sectors.

A Prize of US$ 50,000 will be shared equally between the five winners. Each winner will receive a Prize award of US$10.000. Learn more about the prize on our Terms and Conditions.

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