About us

Empowering teachers 
and schools

T4 Education is a global platform bringing together a community of over 200,000 teachers from more than 100 countries to transform education. From our T4 Communities app to our Best School to Work programme, prizes, Insights, and events, we provide teachers and school leaders with professional development and opportunities to learn, share, and network with peers from around the globe.

We believe in the power of teachers and schools with a strong culture to not only equip the next generation to fulfil their full potential, but to empower them to tackle the greatest challenges our societies face.

Our mission

We believe every child, everywhere, deserves a good education. We are building the world's largest community of teachers and schools to achieve this. Together.

Our digital media platform provides opportunities for educators to network, collaborate, share good practices, and support each other's efforts to improve learning and school culture. 

We work to amplify teachers’ voices because the world we want to see will only be built by listening to those at the heart of education.

Our journey

T4 Education was created during the greatest crisis global education has ever faced. With school and university closures affecting over 1.5 billion students, the path to meeting SDG 4 became that much harder and the need for change became urgent. Our founder, Vikas Pota, imagined a world where every child has access to quality education. This vision couldn't be achieved solely through top-down reforms – it required change starting from the grassroots level. 

Our impact

Our work to transform education has reached an audience of billions and given schools and teachers a global platform, while the winners of our World’s Best School Prizes have seen their work celebrated and scaled up by presidents and ministers.

We’ve worked with organisations from the World Bank to the OECD and some of the world’s biggest companies and NGOs. But above all, we’ve brought together a global community of educators to make a difference.

Ready to join the movement for transformative education? Become a part of our global community today and start your journey towards empowering change in education. Sign up now to stay updated on timelines, benefits, and strategies for improving school culture.

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