Steps to success

Your journey to become a beacon of great school culture starts here.

Your school signs up to Best School to Work programme

Every teacher receives personalised survey link 

Teachers complete their school culture surveys within two weeks

Your school is scored and gains access to analytics dashboard

One-to-one bespoke consultation on your results for 360+ schools

Qualifying schools awarded Silver, Gold or Platinum certification 

Powerful benchmarking data available twice a year to compare your detailed results nationally and internationally to drive school-wide transformation. 

You receive marketing materials and media opportunities to shout about your success

Access premium courses led by award-winning school leaders and join global community of school leaders to collaborate on improving your school's culture

Take the survey again next year to measure improvement

Join 200,000+ teachers and school leaders in our global community to access resources, insights, and professional development opportunities that will help you transform your school culture.

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