Our mission is simple: To create an environment where education flourishes because educators thrive

Around the world schools face a teacher recruitment, retention and wellbeing crisis. Even the very best schools must compete to hire and keep the best teachers. We have the solution.

Best School to Work is an independent, evidence-based mechanism to certify your school's culture and working environment, granting you access to detailed feedback, actionable insights, benchmarking data and the tools you need to put your school on the map. Through this unique and affordably priced programme, you can build the very best working environment and nurture the wellbeing of your teachers to attract top talent and retain experienced educators.


Our certification promotes academic excellence by helping schools build a culture and working environment that attracts and retains the best teachers. We assess leadership, learning environment, and professional development, empowering school leaders with all the resources you need for success.


Choose one of our tailored Best School to Work packages and transform your school culture and environment. Visit our Pricing page to find the perfect fit for your school or group.

Steps to success

Joining the Best School to Work programme couldn’t be simpler. Check out our Steps to success page for a detailed view of each step.

Culture Champs

Best School to Work is not just a certification, it’s a movement for change. Join us in spreading this vision by becoming a Culture Champ. Take part in our referral programme and be part of the movement!

Together, let's build a nurturing environment where teachers and students thrive!

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