Judging process

Our evaluation process is designed to be comprehensive, fair, and transparent. It involves a rigorous three-stage process that includes an initial application review, a detailed analysis by our expert panel, and a final assessment by our esteemed Judging Academy. This ensures that only the most deserving schools are awarded.

Stage 1

Application review

The journey to becoming one of the world's best schools begins with your application. Our team conducts an initial review to ensure all entries meet our eligibility criteria. This stage is crucial as it sets the foundation for the subsequent evaluation process.

Stage 2

Panel review

Applications that pass the initial review are forwarded to our expert panel for a more detailed analysis. Our panellists, who are leaders in the field of education, assess each application based on a set of rigorous criteria. Their insights and expertise play a pivotal role in shortlisting the finalists.

Stage 3

Judging Academy review

The final stage of the evaluation process is the Judging Academy review. Our Judging Academy, composed of distinguished individuals from various fields, conducts a thorough assessment of the shortlisted applications. Their decision is based on a holistic view of each school's achievements, impact, and commitment to excellence.

Judging Academy

The winner of each Prize is chosen based on rigorous criteria by our Judging Academy made up of distinguished leaders across the globe.

Aashti Zaidi

Founder & CEO, Global Schools Forum, UK

Abang Brian

Celebrity Chef, Malaysia

Abhinav Kumar

Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Global Markets, Tata Consultancy Services, Belgium

Alanood Alkaabi

Education Programs Manager, Education Affairs Office, Presidential Court, UAE

Alberto Lidji

Founder, The Do One Better Podcast and Knowledge Hub, UK

Alison Bellwood

Founder & Director, World’s Largest Lesson, UK

Announcement of winners

The culmination of our evaluation process is the announcement of the winners. These schools represent the pinnacle of educational excellence and are a testament to the transformative power of education.

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