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Introducing the T4 Insights Panel


T4 Insights Panel

The T4 Insights Panel

At T4 Education, we exist to support teachers and schools as agents of change. In the two years since we formed, we have developed a truly global community of educators, 200,000+ strong (and growing). It is our view that too often system leaders seek to develop education policy, without listening to the key people that matter, TEACHERS! We know YOU are the changemakers and YOUR voice matters!  

So, we have developed the T4 Insights Panel as a means of ensuring teachers and educators, can consistently share their opinions and views, to help inform:

  • Education policy
  • Thought leadership
  • Product development.  

Join us and help make sure teachers are heard!

Our T4 Insights Panel

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How does it work?

You will initially be asked to fill in a quick recruitment survey to check you qualify. This is to ensure we maintain a balance of panellists that represent the type of schools in the country.

Once registered you will receive email invites to take part in surveys. We anticipate 6-8 longer surveys per year (circa 10–15-minute online surveys) mixed with smaller quicker ones.

We anticipate most requests will be to take part in online surveys, but you may be invited to join a longer focus group occasionally. You do not need to take part in every survey that is sent to you though.


What are the Benefits for you?

T4 Insights is designed to allow you to share your views and opinions, helping to shape education policy, provide feedback on education-related products and your wants and needs. In return, you may benefit from the following:

  • Regular badges & certificates for T4 Insights participants 
  • Research findings will be regularly shared 
  • Professional development resources will be provided 
  • Regular prize draws with opportunities to win cash prizes. Cash prizes are payable through gift vouchers (various solutions available by country) or PayPal. 
  • For our longer research projects such as focus groups, cash incentives will be provided (amounts of which will be detailed in invite on a project-by-project basis).

Teachers, get your Voice Heard!

We are initially launching Insight Panels in the following countries. US, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa, UAE, India, Australia.

United States of America   United Kingdom   Netherlands   Sweden   South africa   UAE   India   Australia

If you are a teacher/school leader employed at a school in any of these countries then please join us and register!  Please also help spread the word and invite your teacher friends to join.

Join our insights panel 

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We hope to launch Insight Panels in other countries in the future, so if you are not from one of the countries above, but would like to be notified about T4 Insight and when we launch an Insight Panel in your country then please register your interest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I qualify?

  • Our panel is made up of educators, so if you are employed in a teaching/leadership capacity at a school and have access to the internet then you are eligible to join our panel.  
  • Surveys and community information will be in the English language only,
  • We are currently developing panels in the following countries.  US, UK, Netherlands, Sweden, South Africa, UAE, India, Australia.
  • If you are from a different country but would like to join, then please register your interest and we will contact you once we start recruiting from that country.

What kind of information will you be asked?

  • You will be asked about a wide range of topics. Questions about your life as a teacher, the tasks you do, resources you use, your views and feedback on specific education-related issues, concepts and products. 
  • You may potentially be asked to provide feedback on products/ideas

How are my individual survey responses used?

  • Personally identifiable analysis (or named school level analysis) is never published. 
  • Your feedback is used within a wider sample, to create a quantitative analysis of responses. i.e. 80% of teachers believe x
  • Occasionally individual quotes are used, but individual/school names are not published alongside these.

How is the research used and by whom?

T4 works with a wide range of institutions, interested in understanding more about the education sector, from both the commercial and public sectors including:

  • Industry suppliers, policymakers, policy influencers (i.e., NGOs/charities/thinktanks/associations) investment groups, 

The research will be used to:

  • Shape policy 
  • Influence policy
  • Support product development 
  • Develop business strategies  

Your individual answers will never be disclosed.

Can I leave the panel?

If at any time you do not want to continue, then you are free to deactivate your account.

How do I redeem my benefits?

  • You will be emailed to inform you of resources and prize draw information.   You will also be provided with a login and password where you can log into our Insights Panel platform.
  • Prize draws will be held quarterly with winners being notified via email.  To qualify you must undertake surveys that quarter, that result in you collecting 500 reward points. You will be told the points value of each survey when you are invited to complete it.
  • Professional development resources will be regularly emailed to you
  • You will be emailed special T4 Insights badges and certificates as you undertake more surveys.