Culture Champs

Become a Culture Champ and join our referral programme

Best School to Work is not just a certification programme, it’s a movement for change. We believe in transforming school culture to create environments in which teachers thrive and education flourishes. And we want you to be part of that.

We need your help to ensure as many schools as possible around the world hear about Best School To Work. We want you to help us spread the word. We want you to become a Culture Champ.

As a Culture Champ, your mission is to introduce suitable schools to the Best School to Work programme so they can elevate their school culture. When the referred school becomes a 'paid up' member, then we'll pay you for every school you've referred.

Want to know more? Hit the button below to register your interest in becoming a Culture Champ and we’ll send you all the details you need to apply.

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