Meet our community: Bassie Sesay’s commitment to education

At T4, we believe community is important. We want to honour the special people who are making a positive impact in education. Our goal is to highlight different voices in our community, celebrating the difference they are making and the problems they are working through. By telling their stories and thoughts, we want to make connections, encourage working together, and start conversations that push education ahead. With this platform, we want to make a place where teachers can get together to learn, improve, and impact learners worldwide.

Early passion for education

Bassie Sesay, a young teacher and student from Africa, was inspired by his family’s connections to education. He found his love for teaching early on. Born on 5th March 2003, in Kamaporotho Village, Northern Sierra Leone, Bassie grew up in a big family. His father had two wives and fifteen kids. They all worked in farming to survive. Sadly, Bassie’s dad died, and the family split up. Bassie, like his brothers and sisters, was adopted and went to school in Freetown, the capital of the country.

Bassie says,

“My adopted father is an advocate. He owns three schools, and so growing up, education was always at the forefront of our family’s priorities.”

Bassie’s formal education began at the Kamaporotho Wesleyan Primary School, where he attended from 2007 to 2012, followed by his secondary education at the Government Model Secondary School from 2013 to 2019. It was during these formative years that Bassie’s passion for education began to take shape. Despite feeling like he had to continue his father’s work, Bassie found teaching to be his true calling as he realised its impact. In 2020, he obtained his teaching certificate from the Optics Teacher Training Institute, solidifying his commitment to a career in education.

As a young man committed to education, Bassie started teaching with a strong wish to share knowledge and spark curiosity. Inspired by other teachers, he aimed to impact his students’ lives. He guided students from various backgrounds, observing their growth. While teaching and learning, Bassie studied History, Government, Social Studies and Literature. Balancing teaching and studying, Bassie stays dedicated to both roles, seeing them as crucial to his education journey.

One important moment in Bassie’s learning journey happened during his time in a mentorship programme. He met a mentor whose words meant a lot to him. The mentor stressed how important it is to make a good impact on the world and told Bassie to find topics he cares about and work hard to make a real change. This advice motivated Bassie to focus on education, seeing its power to influence young people and create positive change in society. Thinking back on this guidance, Bassie says:

“The mentorship programme was truly transformative for me. It was there that I learned the importance of finding my passion and using it to create a lasting legacy.”

Guiding students to success

Bassie’s teaching philosophy revolves around creating a supportive and engaging learning environment where students feel empowered to explore, question, and think critically. Despite the numerous challenges faced in his region’s educational landscape, such as, lack of resources and the administrative and management of the educational system, Bassie stays true to his goal of doing his very best. He seeks opportunities to refine his teaching methods, incorporate new technologies, and keep up with changing school trends.

Bassie measures success by what he achieves and the long-term impact of his education work. He wants his students to reach their full potential by giving them the tools to succeed in life. Bassie teaches more than just academic subjects; he also focuses on building resilience, kindness, and a sense of social duty in his students to help them have a better future.

Overcoming challenges

Despite many challenges in education, especially in limited-resource areas, Bassie stays committed to his students’ success and academic progress. He overcomes obstacles like lack of resources, bureaucratic red tape, and cultural norms with strong determination and belief in education’s transformative impact.

Within the classroom, Bassie confronts various challenges, like managing disciplinary issues, and adapting teaching methodologies to suit diverse learning needs.

Despite the inherent challenges, Bassie finds immense joy and fulfilment in his role as a teacher. He relishes the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of his students, to inspire curiosity, and to ignite a passion for learning that extends far beyond the confines of the classroom.

At the core of Bassie’s commitment is a strong belief in the power of education to bring about important change. He sees teaching not only as a job but as a significant duty to motivate and give strength to the future leaders. By guiding, working together, and always being dedicated to learning, Bassie works hard to create a good influence on his students’ lives and establish a long-lasting heritage in his local education system.

Reflecting on his journey, Bassie shares:

“Education has the power to change lives, and I am honoured to play a role in shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.”