Pedagogy is a dynamic process that evolves constantly, and as educators, it’s our responsibility to keep pace with innovative, effective and affectionate methods. As Jean Piaget stated in 1969, the

We all know the health and wellbeing of students is essential to their academic success. But there are many different ways schools can go about fostering an environment in which

If the great environmental crises of this world were caused by our generation and those before us, it is the next generation we must look to for answers. They are

The new PISA results from the OECD make grim reading for many countries around the world where there has been an “unprecedented” drop in student performance. While it would be

Do you know of a school with a compelling story that deserves to be spotlighted globally? Your nomination could propel it to become the next World’s Best School. We are

Early beginnings Meet Mrs. Sneha Dedhia, an educator with an extensive 20-year teaching background. For 13 years, she has imparted knowledge to Early Years students, and for the past seven

The pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, igniting a passion for learning that students will carry with them for life, must always be the beating heart of education. Is

The moment has finally arrived. It’s time to reveal the winners of the world’s most prestigious education awards. To find out which trailblazing schools have shone above all others. Whose

In the remote rural village of Olivera, nestled in the north of Uruguay, the School No. 67 stands as a testament to the power of dedicated educators and their unwavering

Is my school good enough to take part? What does it take to be the best school? How do I get started? What are the best schools and what do