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We believe in the strength of community and the network effects that come from bringing change-makers together. With 200,000 teachers, school leaders and education advocates spanning 6 continents, our community is truly global and passionate about improving education for children everywhere.




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We are building the biggest community of teachers, schools and education advocates. Please join us to advance our collective missions to improve the quality of education for learners everywhere.

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What our community says

“I feel very lucky to have been involved as a T4 Country Ambassador. I was able to offer my knowledge and my time to collaborate with T4 Education's remarkable mission which I share 100%. I was able to receive training in areas that I had not previously experienced and work with a global community of educators”

Alejandra Clerici Arias
Head of Studies, Argentina

Being a school principal, I consider continuous professional development, collaboration and sharing expertise as one of the best ways to overcome the challenges we are facing in education nowadays. T4 is an exceptional opportunity to unite and make education accessible to every child across the globe.

Naira Harutyunyan
School Principal, Armenia

“World Best School Prizes is an amazing opportunity to showcase best practices, inspire schools and educators all over the world to improve quality education for all!”

Silvia Scuracchio
Pedagogical Director, Brazil