T4 Ambassadors

About T4 Ambassadors

Our T4 Ambassadors are volunteers who register to support our activities by amplifying our communications amongst their professional networks and online.

We currently have over 4K ambassadors who are located across the world.

T4 Ambassadors - Raised Hands

Benefits for T4 Ambassadors

  • Insider info: As an ambassador, you will get access to important information, so you are ready to support us with amplifying communications and engaging your networks.
  • T4 Ambassador digital badge: For each T4 event you support, we will provide you with a digital badge to display on your social media profiles. You could also include this in your CV (or resume) and on your LinkedIn profile too!
  • Ambassador pack: We will provide you with a pack of graphics including, header images for your social media profiles and graphics for posting (these will be made available in advance of new events) and sometimes we will drip-feed new graphics for you so that you can focus on one mission at a time.
  • Develop your digital literacy skills: Our ambassadors have a wide range of skills, but most importantly, they have loads of passion. Whether you are already a social media super-star or just starting, we would love you to join us! We want you to be successful in your role as a T4 Ambassador, so we will also provide you with guidance to support your role for each campaign and event you volunteer for.
  • Certificate: To recognise your contribution to the event, we will provide you with a certificate. You will be invited to claim your certificate after the event.

What our community says

“I am proud and honoured to be a member and an ambassador of the T4 community which aims to bring the focus on the empowering effect that comes from bringing teachers and schools together. Sharing experiences and expertise, focusing on collaboration, technology, leadership and wellbeing, and prioritizing teacher voice are extraordinary resources and critical components of the success of the overall system.”

Sophia Kouzoui
Teacher, Greece

“I liked T4, even before I was appointed as Kenyan Country Ambassador. It's a one-stop academic and online professional development training shop and all-inclusive organisation where teachers globally network, share and learn from one another on a daily basis. T4 has definitely made me a better smartphone teacher. The future of education is surely here." 

Esther Warmungu
Teacher, Kenya

Join us!

Sound good? Please join the Ambassador list to enable us to contact you about our future events and invite you to participate in ambassador missions. 

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