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Our T4 Community first came together on 30th May 2020 when we held our first event, The New Normal: Education Post-COVID 19. With over 103,000 teachers, school leaders and education advocates registering to attend, it was clear there was a demand to provide teachers and school leaders with the opportunity to connect globally, share good practices and unite behind a common cause of ensuring every child has access to a quality education. We believe in the strength of community and the network effects that come from bringing change-makers together.




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Our community today

Our community has evolved into a 200,000-strong global network which we support by providing them with access to a variety of professional development and engagement activities

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Our Events

We host world-leading events to support schools, showcase expertise and highlight innovation.

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Our $250K World’s Best School Prizes celebrate schools that really make a difference.

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T4 Insights

We provide a window into classrooms and ensure teachers' voices influence decision making through our research.

T4 is a brilliant initiative by Mr Vikas Pota. The platform has brought together passionate like-minded educators to stand in solidarity to support teaching and learning during the disruption for the school community but more importantly for the teachers. The backbone of the school. It has provided us connections with organisations bigger than our schools and incubated that seed for learning more.

Abhilasha Singh
School Principal, UAE

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We are building the biggest global community of teachers and schools. Please join us to advance our collective missions to improve the quality of education for learners everywhere.

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What our community says

“Developing education means having more inspirational practices in schools that help students, as well as educators, improve their skills for a better community. A  community that adopts values such as peace, equality, social justice and respect of diversity. Such schools should share their experience in order to improve the quality of education worldwide. And for this reason, T4 Education has adopted several innovative initiatives that help spotlight stories of success in schools from all over the world for better education in the global community." 

Hiba Ballout, 
Teacher, Lebanon

“I am a fairly new educator, so have focused heavily on collaborating with my peers and sharing ideas in order to empower one another and ultimately improve education. I believe that T4 Education is doing exactly that, by helping to ensure teacher voices are heard and by providing a platform for teachers to support each other with the aim of developing quality education for all”

Sithembiso Mbatha
Teacher, South Africa

"Being part of T4 means belonging to a group of passionate and innovative educators from all over the world who collaborate actively to support Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education, and who also work hard to provide the necessary kind of teaching that will allow our students to thrive in this ever-changing world. As a country ambassador, I try to boost T4’s impact on social media and to spread positive messages to encourage other educators to join in. I really feel honoured and proud of having this role!"

Marcela Villan
Global Educator / Environmental Education and Global Perspectives teacher, Buenos Aires