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Education is the key to a better future. Our digital media platform and global community of over 200,000 teachers across 15,000+ schools – reaching 4.6 million students – provide an engine for organisations to run prizes and challenges that make a difference. 

We are committed to transforming education by recognising, supporting, and sharing the expertise of those working daily to improve learning for the next generation. 

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World's Best School Prizes

The $250,000 World's Best School Prizes are the world's most widely-covered education awards. They celebrate schools' enormous contributions to society's progress and give them a global platform to share and replicate innovative best practices. Learn more by visiting our World’s Best School Prizes website.WORLD'S BEST SCHOOL PRIZES

Africa Education Medal

Africa’s most prestigious education accolade recognises the tireless work of changemakers. It celebrates individuals who have demonstrated extraordinary impact, leadership, and advocacy in Africa's education field. These individuals are transforming education across the continent, inspiring others to take action. Learn more by visiting our Africa Education Medal website.


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Orbit Services

Orbit Services is a comprehensive platform that sources innovation challenges for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) impact. These services engage learners, educators, and their communities in finding solutions to the most pressing questions of our age.

Join us in creating and celebrating game-changing achievements and help us build a better tomorrow. Learn more by visiting Orbit Services.


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