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Understand the wants, needs, hopes and fears of teachers and school leaders worldwide

If tech companies are to build the tools teachers need in the classroom, and if policymakers are to implement education reforms that work to close learning gaps, then they need to know what teachers think. That data has been hard to come by on a global scale because teachers are a section of society underserved by polling companies for too long.

We’re changing that. We’ve created the world’s first dedicated multi-country research panel of teachers. Working with our 200,000+ and growing global community of teachers, we are able to offer large scale, timely and genuinely global coverage for both syndicated and bespoke research services.

Finally, teachers’ voices will be heard.


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T4 Insights is therefore designed to provide a window into the classroom for any organisation seeking to understand key issues in the K-12 education sector.

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We are able to conduct both quantitative and qualitative research with our sizeable global educator community.

Global Teacher Poll

In 2021 we undertook our first #GlobalTeacherPoll and with YOUR support, it became the largest survey of teachers during the pandemic. More than 20,000 of you were surveyed from 165 countries.  Turning To Technology, highlighted how teachers had utilised technology to ensure learning continued during the pandemic. 

We're now seeking your views again for this year's Global Teacher Poll.