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Amira Learning, Inc. is an industry-leading EdTech company that accelerates English and Spanish reading mastery in K-5 students globally. Initially created and developed at Carnegie Mellon University, Amira is the first intelligent reading coach and teacher’s assistant that listens to students read out loud, assesses mastery, and delivers personalized tutoring. In research conducted by leading Universities, Amira has demonstrated the ability to help children grow as much as giving each child their own certified human tutor.  In the nearly 500 schools districts Amira currently works with, children regularly reading with Amira are growing twice as fast as kids who don’t use Amira.

World's first intelligent reading coach

A team of former engineers and executives from Pearson, IBM, ACT, and Renaissance founded Amira to help close the 200 million+ person literacy gap globally by creating the world’s first intelligent reading coach.

Research from UNESCO, Stanford, and others have shown that 90 million more students worldwide are failing basic reading skills due to COVID-19. Young readers have lost 30% of normal growth in the last two years. The need is great and the stakes could not be higher for young peoples’ futures. Amira has been a game changing force-multiplier for teachers, helping students and teachers recover from the pandemic. We would like to find ways to support more students around the globe receive the scaffolded, guided reading support and assessment they need to become motivated and masterful readers.

Reading is life’s most important skill

“Reading is life’s most important skill.  And lots of practice reading is the single most important thing a child can do to become a great reader,” said Mark Angel, CEO and Co-Founder of Amira Learning. “Using AI developments, Amira listens as a child reads aloud, and provides personalized help and encouragement to help build foundational literacy skills.” 

CEO - Mark Angel

Amira Learning, Inc.

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Amira’s technology uses AI to listen to a child as they read and respond along the way.  When Amira identifies an opportunity to help build or reinforce a child’s foundational reading skills, Amira delivers personalized “micro-interventions” that were developed in partnership with many of the world’s top reading experts. Through its partnership with learning technology company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Amira is already used in nearly 500 school districts across the U.S. and in 7 countries around the world.

In March, Amira Learning launched its brand new at-home app, Read with Amira. Right now, parents can accelerate their child’s reading journey for only $7.99 per month. If you work with schools and/or parents and would like to learn more about Amira Learning, visit or email

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