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Cloe is a powerful learning platform that connects everything that schools, students and parents need, all in one place.

Cloe can replace all education systems and textbooks entirely, in all subjects and school years, including high school, and offers a solution that puts the student at the heart of their learning process.

Hybrid classes, remote classes and more.

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You can choose the best for your school: remote, hybrid or in person classes, by expeditions or by articles, in portuguese or english.

Cloe is 100% digital, complete, easy to navigate and updated in real time. Cloe is like this, simple and intuitive, like everything that is made for the present should be.

Why we are supporting the Teacher Tech Summit...

“We always seek to promote moments for our teachers to share their experiences and the Teacher Tech Summit will be a great opportunity for them to do that with a global audience of their peers, as well as shine a light on their dedication to deliver top results. We are very excited to see teachers from all over the world getting together and spreading their best ideas and practices.”

Fernando Shayer

Founder and CEO of Camino Education and Cloe

Let’s transform education together!

The world has changed and will continue to change, this has never been so clear in education as now.

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