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Scholastic, the largest publisher and distributor of children's books in the world, promotes literacy and education for millions of kids, parents, and teachers. Through 100 years and counting, we continue to partner with schools and communities to inspire lifelong readers and learners. We are committed to raising achievement levels for all students by developing teaching strategies in literacy and numeracy to improve student outcomes, building connections that spark professional learning, and nurturing a growth mindset in all teachers and students.

What we do

Scholastic Literacy Pro | Literacy Pro LibraryEasy, anytime-anywhere access to a wide range of interesting books has never been more critical to support children on their journey to reading success.  

The importance of reading and being accessible to children cannot be overstated, to ensure equity in education for every child. We are committed to partner with schools and educators to stem the learning loss.

Scholastic Literacy Pro and Literacy Pro Library provide a complete solution to ensure consistent, uninterrupted access to high-quality eBooks and related teaching materials. 

It supports in-person and remote instruction for thousands of educators and students worldwide, minimizing disruption in learning.

Why we are supporting the Teacher Tech Summit...

Every child deserves equitable access...

“Every child deserves equitable access to the digital tools that are taking on an ever-increasing importance in classrooms around the world. To achieve this, it’s vital that companies like Scholastic work with those teachers at the heart of education, and with governments seeking to improve education outcomes in their countries, to find solutions to increase access to the tools students need to learn.” 

- Dr Duriya Aziz, SVP and Publisher for Education, at Scholastic (International)

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