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Early beginnings Meet Mrs. Sneha Dedhia, an educator with an extensive 20-year teaching background. For 13 years, she has imparted knowledge to Early Years students, and for the past seven

The pursuit of knowledge for its own sake, igniting a passion for learning that students will carry with them for life, must always be the beating heart of education. Is

The moment has finally arrived. It’s time to reveal the winners of the world’s most prestigious education awards. To find out which trailblazing schools have shone above all others. Whose

World’s Best School Prizes 2023 Top 3 finalists revealed

In an ever-evolving world, marked by technological advancements, the aftermath of a global pandemic, and the challenges of climate change, one beacon of…
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How is school culture evolving in the age of sustainability? A step-by-step guide

We find ourselves in a time where sustainability permeates so much of our lives, it is no longer an option but a necessity.
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Green skills: Sustainable education for a sustainable future

We're standing at the edge of a new era, an era where our actions today will determine the fate of our planet tomorrow.
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