Meet our community: Sneha Dedhia’s tale of triumph

Early beginnings

Meet Mrs. Sneha Dedhia, an educator with an extensive 20-year teaching background. For 13 years, she has imparted knowledge to Early Years students, and for the past seven years, she has been contributing her expertise at Utpal Shanghvi Global School in Juhu, Mumbai, India. Currently, she’s dedicated to teaching Global Perspectives to the Lower Secondary section helping learners develop 21st century skills. She has previously taught subjects such as the Soft Skills Programme to students ranging from Grade 6 to Grade 10.

She is known as the cool teacher in her school, admired for her active learning strategies that resonate with learners. Beyond teaching, she shoulders multiple responsibilities as the Picnic Coordinator, Parent Teacher Association Event Representative, and Interhouse Competition Coordinator.

Her life’s journey started with big dreams of flying high – literally, she wanted to be a flight attendant. Now she wants to keep her feet on the ground whilst helping others soar. In her search for meaning and balance, she chose to be a teacher. Every lesson she shares becomes a guiding light for young students.

Inspirational figures

Sneha’s father played a pivotal role in inspiring her choice to become a teacher. Despite his early departure, his enduring impact, teachings, and commitment to balancing work and family life profoundly influenced Sneha. The valuable life lessons from her father laid the groundwork for her journey into the noble profession of teaching. 

She says, 

“My dad, my real-life superhero sporting a cape of wisdom, served as my life’s teacher. His influence wasn’t just about imparting knowledge; it was a beacon of inspiration. Watching him seamlessly balance work and family life, I learned the art of harmonising professional ambitions with a fulfilling personal life. His commitment to kindness and selflessness instilled in me the desire to follow his footsteps into teaching.”

She draws inspiration from the vision of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, who said: ‘Teaching is a very noble profession that shapes the character, calibre, and future of an individual,’ His legacy lives on in her dedication to shaping young minds and finding that delicate balance between a meaningful career and a fulfilling family life.

Sneha started believing in herself when she was growing up without her dad. It was tough, but her brother Archit Shah became her pillar of support. In the midst of grief, he noticed her self-doubt and shared stories of their dad’s encouragement. Archit emphasised her strength, reminding her of past resilience and their dad’s willpower. His unwavering belief in her became a guiding light, instilling a never-give-up attitude. With this mindset, she faced challenges, overcame obstacles, and emerged victorious—a lesson she carried into adulthood.

Navigating challenges and growth

Sneha takes pride in actively contributing to her school’s success, achieving the title of Future 50 School. Most recently, its contingent, consisting of 150 students led by her along with her learning support integrator, secured the championship trophy at the prestigious Interschool Fest named Perseverantia 2023.

She maintains an unwavering commitment to lifelong learning. Staying abreast of the latest trends in education is not just a choice but a passion. In her quest for continuous learning, she recently achieved a Master’s in Psychology with a commendable 90% and ranked in the top 10 percentile in the 2023 International Teachers Olympiad. This accomplishment has earned her a $1200 USD scholarship from the International Teachers University, supporting her pursuit of a Master’s in Education (M. Ed). Additionally, in the past, she successfully completed the Cambridge International Diploma in Teaching and Learning with distinction (CIDTL)

Through her journey, she has developed several skills over the years. In her teaching journey, reflection has played a crucial role in improving herself both personally and professionally. She learned that taking time to reflect not only helped her gain momentum but also helped her develop in various ways.

Under the guidance of her principal, Mrs. Rakhi Mukherjee, reflection became a transformative experience for her. Her principal not only emphasised its importance but also created an environment that encouraged introspection within their school. Through their staff meetings and discussions, she fostered a supportive atmosphere where shared experiences became a catalyst for collective growth. Inspired by Mrs. Mukherjee, Sneha embarked on a journey of continuous growth and became a dedicated educator committed to making a positive impact. 

Challenges became a big part of Sneha’s story, especially when she had health problems during her B.Ed exams. She was able to overcome this hurdle because of the strong support from her husband Mr. Jitesh Dedhia and her family, who played a crucial role in helping her succeed.

Another ongoing challenge is keeping up with the constantly changing education system to meet the needs of students. She has accepted this challenge, always learning and adapting to provide a valuable education for her students. She also understands the importance of her family and the extra work she brings home. Fueled by the courage derived from family support, she navigates challenges, ensuring each setback becomes an opportunity to try once again 😇.

Sneha thinks success in education goes beyond achievements; she says:

“It’s about the profound impact on learners’ lives, fostering growth and a passion for knowledge.”

Inspired by Albert Einstein’s notion to “be of value,” she believes success lies in creating a positive learning environment where learners discover their strengths and passions. She sees success as liking oneself, liking what is done and enjoying how it is done. 

In teaching, success has a ripple effect, extending beyond the classroom – a collective journey of growth and positive change that shapes not only individuals but entire communities, creating a brighter future for all. In each classroom, she strives not just to share knowledge but also to impart the values that mould compassionate individuals.

Finally, Sneha likes T4 Communities for its invaluable resource for educators and knowledge sharing. The community engagements foster a sense of unity among educators, while the Spotlight feature highlights innovative practices and success stories, inspiring and motivating. The Resource Library enriches the learning experience and International collaboration and shared toolkits promote cross-cultural learning and school improvement. Overall, the T4 Education app guides schools aiming for excellence.

In general, Sneha’s experience underscores the resilience and commitment required in education. Her journey, characterised by continuous learning, overcoming challenges, and contributing to the education community, serves as an inspiration to our community. Sneha’s story reminds us that determination yields remarkable achievements in teaching.