Meet our community: Alejandra Clerici Arias’ art, teaching, and global impact

Personal and professional development

Alejandra Clerici Arias, born and living in the northern zone of Buenos Aires, Argentina, is dedicated to her passions of art and teaching. Although she initially pursued a career in Fine Arts, she decided against making art her livelihood, valuing her creative freedom above all. Instead, she delved into the field of conserving and restoring paintings, both on canvas and paper, and sought training abroad to refine her skills.

Her professional journey took an unexpected turn when she found herself painting iris prostheses at an optical clinic. This role demanded not only artistic expertise but also patience and empathy. The experience left a profound impact on her, as she witnessed the heartfelt gratitude of those whose lives she touched, instilling in her a newfound appreciation for human connection.

Embracing education

Despite her earlier reservations, Alejandra eventually found herself drawn to the field of education. She seized an opportunity to teach art at St. Georges North, immersing herself in pedagogical studies along the way. Teaching brought her a sense of fulfilment, particularly in secondary education, where she could foster global awareness and engagement among her students.

She says,

Teaching became more than just a profession — it became a calling. I immersed myself in pedagogical studies, eager to enhance my skills and broaden my impact.

Reflecting on her journey, Alejandra acknowledges the influence of her upbringing, which emphasised critical thinking and community involvement. Her parents’ dedication to education resonated deeply with her, shaping her belief in the transformative power of sharing knowledge and nurturing individuals.

For Alejandra, success is not just about personal achievements but also about the quality of relationships cultivated with family, friends, and the broader community. She defines success as the ability to foster positive connections that facilitate growth and learning, even amidst differing perspectives.

Alejandra says,

For me, success is not merely measured by personal achievements, but by the quality of connections forged with others. It’s about nurturing relationships that foster growth and learning, even amidst divergent perspectives.

Throughout her career, Alejandra has faced numerous challenges, from reshaping cultural perceptions of art education to bridging communication gaps between educators. Yet, her greatest rewards have come from moments of profound impact, such as witnessing the lasting influence of her guidance on former students or being recognised for her contributions to education by esteemed institutions.

Global impact and continued education

Alejandra’s involvement with T4 has added a new dimension to her professional journey, allowing her to amplify her impact on education globally. She finds fulfilment in initiatives that promote collaboration and visibility within the educational community, whether it’s facilitating international projects or sharing inspiring stories through her role as a Country Ambassador.

She says,

One of the aspects I find most rewarding about T4 is the ability to disseminate information and increase visibility for the organisation. Through our collective efforts, we have succeeded in expanding the reach of T4, allowing its mission to resonate with a broader audience.

She continues to champion the transformative power of education with unwavering dedication. She also enjoys the interactive sessions and engaging speakers that truly captivate Alejandra’s interest.

She enthuses,

I thoroughly enjoy participating in the sessions. The speakers are truly remarkable, offering insights that are both enlightening and inspiring. It’s a privilege to learn from such terrific individuals.

Alejandra’s involvement with T4 serves as a conduit for her passion for education, allowing her to make a meaningful impact on a global stage. Through her dedication and enthusiasm, she continues to champion the transformative power of education, inspiring change and fostering collaboration across borders.